A Dacha near Tarusa

A Dacha near Tarusa

Tarusa, Кaluga Oblast
Plot size
7 000 m²
  • The landholding sits on a pronounced slope on the banks of the Oka; it offers a unique vantage point with spectacular views of a boundless meadow from the top.

    You could say that the purchase of this property was a way for the owner to pay tribute to his childhood memories. The dacha where he spent much of his time as a child stood in these very parts and he thus wanted to recreate the wonderful atmosphere of his past for his own children.

    In a nutshell

    A simple garden; a garden meant for living in. The house itself, built from the ground up, was designed to resemble an old dacha. To match the house, which evokes so many memories and a sense of nostalgia, the garden had to appear natural, as though ancient and a tad tumbledown.

    The Garden

    The garden’s design is understated, devoid of bright splashes of colour, with the bright autumn leaves the only exception. It features natural materials and plants with natural shapes.

    The only “artificial” component is the waves of grasses lining the paths. Then again, the grasses blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings, introducing movement, shades of modernity and new emotions, whilst bringing diversity to the textures.

    Next to the house lie beds of lilies, a dacha staple, and a lawn for the children to play on. The lawn’s many meadow grasses echo those in the river valley meadow.

    Here, we opted for grasses with different hues and bloom periods, which rest softly on the landscape. We also chose perennial plants, which fleck the expanse of grasses with flashes of kaleidoscopic colour.

    A path stretches from the garden up to the orchard, the vegetable garden, and the children’s “hobbit house”, through the forest we ourselves planted, and onwards to the foot of the hill.