• Yury Fomenko
    Chief landscape architect

    Head of MOX since day one, Yury Fomenko is one of the most renowned Russian landscape architects of our time.

    In almost 25 years of landscape design experience, he has planned and built over 200 gardens. His landscape projects are regularly featured in leading architecture and design publications.

  • About us

    MOX offers an end-to-end architecture and construction landscaping service, covering everything from concept development and planning to construction, plant delivery and regular garden maintenance.

    What really sets us apart is our desire to avoid the trivial and clichéd.

    A garden is a liminal space; a buffer zone between your home and the outside world.

    We believe that every garden requires a very personal approach, making all of our gardens unique.

    The name MOX, which means moss in Russian, reflects the team’s aspiration to combine the natural with the extraordinary, to apply an individual approach to each client’s individual tasks and demands.

    While moss may be considered a symbol of northern nature, it actually grows on all continents.

    Every garden is a quest for balance, as our creative interpretation seeks harmony. However, we also seek to reflect each owner’s story and personality. At MOX, we’re never satisfied with a good result; we always strive for perfection.