what is a good project?

A way to your personal oasis giving you peace of mind begins with a detailed and carefully considered project.
Each project includes a full description of garden design, all technical documentation related to construction of different garden elements. Professional projecting is required for e.g. complex hydrotechnical structures such as reservoirs, cascades as well as for other constructions including decking, piers, pavilions, playgrounds, constructions made of concrete. 
Plants’ layout, their quantity and size, change of the garden colours with change of the seasons, lightening forgarden, fountain or house are also a part of a landscape architecture project.    
At the projecting stage we estimate parameters for each object required, determine the sequence of different construction works and make a preliminary assessment ofvolume of work.
The described approach allows us to determine the sequence of construction stages, timely supply required materialsand allocate manpower resources with the highest possible efficiency. 
A well prepared project givesa client a very clear idea of the final result and allows us to find the optimum in regards to combining wishes and potentialities without losing individuality.

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